1 x 60″ spot | Director: Jo Ridley | DOP: Gareth Munden | Effects: The VFX Company

This 60″ spot was created to promote a huge episode in which there was an explosion at Toadies wedding (yes, he is still in it), an explosion that resulted in the death of 2 cast members.

Once we had shot the green screen elements, Ryan was off back to Oz and the crew set off for the similarly glamorous Forest Hill in  South London.

There we shot our stand-in and his bride in the fireless room.

Then it was up to our friends at The VFX Company to set Toadies world on fire. This was achieved with a combination of real shot flames and CG.

Shooting the plates for Toadfish (played by Ryan Moloney ) with the aid of flicker boxes helped us create the lighting effects required to place him in the burning hotel room we would then go on to create.